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Company profile
Murakami Kawakawa Precision Machinery (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful coastal city-Shenzhen, with convenient transportation and 3 kilometers from Shenzhen Airport.  
The company was established by the Japanese plant -style club, ACT Technical Research on the Limited Club, and Shenzhen Tiancheng Silk Printing Equipment Co., Ltd. Three Party Investment was established in 2012. With the good market brands of Murakami, exquisite ACT production technology, and Tiancheng's excellent market sales capabilities, the company has formed. Production enterprises that integrate product design, development, manufacturing, and marketing. The company takes high -end version of equipment, UV irradiation devices, and high -quality aluminum frames as its main products. The company's equipment is complete, advanced in process, innovative leadership, complete detection methods, and timely delivery. For the lifeline of the enterprise. The company's products are widely developed by printed circuit boards, mobile phones, solar energy, flat -screen displays, glass ceramics, thick film microcircues, and light guide boards.  
We will be down -to -earth and strive to develop, and we will continue to grow and grow in fierce market competition. The company adheres to the people -oriented and high -quality, high -skilled employees; adhere to the business philosophy of "customer first, quality first\\ The quality needs of the product; at the same time, the responsibility of caring for employees, feedback shareholders, and returning society. In the future, we will continue to adhere to the management realm of product quality precision and standardization of administrative systems, improve product quality and service quality, and welcome a high -growth market.  
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