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What are the classifications of silk net printing machines?
Views:1966Time: 2022-06-22
Silk net printing machine is a machine printing with a screen version, which is a type of printing machine. The screen printing machine is a machine for printing text and images. It is a general term for machines or equipment for producing printed materials. The screen printing machine belongs to the more representative printing equipment in the hole printing machine. In addition to the silk of the silk mesh, in addition to the real wire, nylon wires, copper wires, steel wires, or stainless steel wires can be used. It can be divided into plane silk screen printing machines, curved wire screen printing machines, and rotor screen printing machines.  
The screen printing can be divided into many types according to its layout, printer variety, ink nature, and types of bearing materials, but the printing method can be divided into the following types.  
1. Planet plane screen printing: The flat net plane screen printing machine is printed on the printing of the plane on the printing of the plane.  
2. Flat mesh surface printing: Ping network surface screen printing is a printing method for printing on the curved surface printing (such as balls, cylinders, cylinders, etc.). During printing, the ink scraping board is fixed, the printing version moves horizontally, and the printers rotate with the printing version.  
3. Circular mesh printing: Round net screen printing is a cylindrical mesh version. The cylinder has a fixed ink scraping board. The cylindrical printing version is synchronized with the bearing print.  
4. Indirect silk net printing: The first three methods are printed directly by the printing version, but only the geometric shapes of the rules, such as plane, cylindrical surface, cone surface, etc. The alien objects such as noodles must be printed with indirect screen printing. The process is often composed of two parts: plane screen printing and transfer, that is, the screen printing image is not directly printed on the printed object, but first prints first printing On the plane material, transfer it to the bearing material in a certain method. One of the methods for indirect printing, such as the printing method of printing with a plane screen printing method, printed images on the plane glass, and then use the elastic silicone head, as if the ink image is drawn from the glass plate like a seal, and then the printed to the alien shape Facial: Another type of indirect screen printing is flower paper transfer, such as: silk -screen printing flower paper thermal transfer, silk -screen printing flower paper pressure sensitivity transfer, silk net printing flower paper solvent activated and transferred. Indirect screen printing has become the main area of the printing industry.
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