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Exposure machine
Parallel light exposure machine
Parallel light exposure machine

Form: F‐2
Uses: The dew -light machine is used for silk printed version
Mechanical inch method: w1480xd1480xh1200mm
Effective frame dimension: 1000x1000XT40mm
Use lamps: GL-30201BF
Power supply: Built -in type
Fire wave length: 350 ~ 480nm (peak wavelength 420nm)
Method: Vacuum electric fan type
Lugueling Royal Royal: Cumulative Optical Meter (10CH Storage)
Cooling: Mandat
Placing color: ivory color
Power: AC380V 3 phase 25A 50Hz
Size specifications Power supply, etc., can be designed and manufactured according to customer requirements
Features: characteristic
1. The overall shape is beautiful, the structure is compact, the area is small, and the operation is convenient;
2. Using the high -precision focused lens and Fresnel lens introduced by Japan to simulate parallel light, so that the light can be better controlled;
3. Automatically detect the strong and weak light source, adjust the reference speed by yourself, which can overcome the error of the energy caused by the aging of the lamp and the error caused by the unstable voltage;
4. Parameter display, fully automatic exposure control memory channel group; (9 groups)
5. The design and manufacturing of the equipment implement the current national standards, which fully meets the requirements of people, machine safety and environmental protection standards. According to the operating interface of the human engineering principle, the operator has a more comfortable work attitude. The main electrical elements are introduced by Japan, safe, stable, and reliable.
The characteristics of the exposure machine

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