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Net machine
Electric tension -style network machine
Electric tension -style network machine

Form: SK series
Uses: Silk printing version of the network machine
Mechanical inch method: Designed and manufactured according to customer requirements
Effective : According to customer requirements, it can be designed and manufactured
Rubber clip: Triangle Mountain or Four -Corporal Mountain Type available
Tension control: manual adjustment formula
Zhangwang Program: Manual control manual desk platform lifting and descendant
Option: pneumatic or electric tables rise and fall
: Transparent tables
: Zhangwang Speed Inverter
Placing color: ivory color
Power: AC380V three phases 15A 50Hz
Size specifications Power supply, etc., can be designed and manufactured according to customer requirements
Features: characteristic
1. Simple and humane operation, easy to get started; reducing the dependence on personnel technology, the efficiency and quality of Zhangwang have significantly improved.
2. The direction of the network is flexible, and it can be pulled at the same time automatically at the same time.
3. The overall network, ensure that the stretching nets are smooth, flat, wrinkled without wrinkles, and the meridians, latitude lines, or L positions that appear when solving the traditional pull -up method are always not vertical, which significantly improves work efficiency and saves mesh cloth.
4. The tension error of pulling the net is small, and the quality of the web version is good.
5. Important components will use imported brands. Guarantee product quality

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